BUSINESS CONCEPT SUPPLY CHAIN is a Supply Chain Management firm based in Athens with a branch in Nicosia of Cyprus. Its staff consists of qualified persons with excellent training & knowledge of business functions in the markets of Greece & Europe.

The company’s object is to provide consulting & top quality services to clients, who need to bring their infrastructure to modern standards, make realistic & effective investments, increase their productivity, improve their competitiveness & see their profits rise.

Since its inception, BUSINESS CONCEPT SUPPLY CHAIN has carried out numerous studies & projects successfully and reliably. The customers of the company are from the domestic market and also multinational firms from Cyprus and the Balkan region. Our consulting services are based focus on practical approach & customer support both during the period project design and project execution.

The staff of BUSINESS CONCEPT SUPPLY CHAIN have long experience in Logistics and Supply Management, which combines with their continuous training in modern technologies specific to the sector as a guarantee to company customers who look for the most Reliable, Economic and Innovative solutions.


  • Logistics & Supply Chain Strategic Planning
  • Master Plans Layout Χώρων Παραγωγής & Logistics Centers
  • Inbound & Outbound Logistics Process Re-engineering
  • Establishment of Goods & Customers Strategy
  • Spatial Planning & Operational Design of Warehouse & Distribution Centers
  • Design and Installation of Modern Systems for Supply Chain Management
  • Design of Computer-based Specifications for Support of Physical Processes for Warehouse & Distribution Centers
  • Redesign of Distribution Networks
  • Logistics Audit – Analysis & Assessment of Logistics Procedures
  • Design of Retail Supply Systems
  • Organization of Fleet Management & Routing Solutions
  • Organization of Customer Service Network
  • Organization, Costing & Third Party Pricing Policy: 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Provider
  • Activity Based Costing – Pricing Logistics Procedures
  • Recruitment of Qualified Staff

Supply Chain Management

  • Research & Development of Handling & Materials Control Systems
  • Study, Design & Selection of Automated Storage & Robotic Applications Systems
  • Logistics Project Management
  • 3D Animation & Logistics Center Design
  • Simulation of Warehouse Processes for Distribution Centers